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Holland's Family Cheese
Marieke of Holland's Family Cheese

Holland's Family Cheese

Traditional Dutch Style Farmstead Gouda Cheese

We, Rolf and Marieke Penterman of Holland's Family Cheese, migrated from the Netherlands and settled in Wisconsin in 2002 to carry on our passion for dairy farming. In 2006 we launched our new found passion for cheesemaking because we missed the Gouda from Holland and knew that we could make wonderful cheeses from our dairy’s milk.

On the Farmstead we create an authentic Dutch cheese crafted from milk that is pumped directly from our milking parlor into the cheese vat…fresh and warm! After two hours of pressing into 18-pound wheels, the Gouda is placed in a salt-brine for 60 hours. From there each wheel is moved to a special cellar to reach the ideal age…from smooth and creamy after 60 days to sharp with complex flavors as the Gouda ages for nearly two years.

Our Creamery uses not only our farm-fresh Wisconsin milk, but also ingredients and supplies from Holland, All to create an Old World Gouda steeped in Pride and tradition. Crafting our cheese the authentic way also means we must age it in our special cellars, on wooden shelves from Holland.

We firmly believe that treating our cows well means they will give us the best quality milk, and we know that great milk makes great cheese. We make sure our animals are as comfortable as possible in the barn because they can rest in flexible boxes made out of special fiber filled with soft bedding materials. And they actually have access to rotating brushes to sooth them. In the summer there are fans blowing and a sprinkler system to cool the cows. We also have dedicated employees working on the farm who treat our “Gouda” cows with respect and TLC.

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