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Superior Planks - Eco Wood Co Inc.

Superior Planks - Eco Wood Co Inc.

Sustainably Harvested Hard-wood Cooking Planks

Superior Planks - Eco Wood Co Inc. is a small family-run business operating out of beautiful Madeline Island, in pristine Lake Superior, Wisconsin. Here we use sustainable techniques to harvest our native species of Oak, Cedar & Sugar Maple – to produce our high-quality grilling planks from the plentiful forests of the island.

Our mission is to produce the finest quality grilling planks for the discerning, earth-conscious public.

We pride ourselves on our environmentally friendly approach. For us this is not a trend, but rather an ethos – and it manifests itself in every aspect of our production. We use horsepower to fell our selected lumber – two Belgian Shire horses are harnessed for this job. All our machinery runs on bio-diesel - from our vehicles to our mill. Even our kiln - used for drying the planks - is fired with scrap wood using an ultra-efficient wood boiler system.

Our PLA packaging is a maize-based biodegradable shrink-wrap product. The PLA degrades in a compost heap in approximately 6-8 months - as opposed to the thousands of years for the industry-standard plastic wrap. The text is written in soy-based ink – which is almost completely degradable. The paper used in our packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable.

As far as possible we use local products and skills for our low environmental impact, hand-sawed product. We are focused on being eco-friendly in the totality. Our high-quality Oak, Cedar & Sugar Maple grilling planks make excellent gifts!. Planking is a great, healthy and new way to grill with family and friends.

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