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Clarecastle Designs
Wisconsin Autumn Photograph

Clarecastle Designs

Fused glass creations

Clarecastle Designs presents artwork in fused glass....both in decorative platters and plates. Diane Bresnan Fleming has been working in fused glass for 15 years and more recently in watercolor and photography as well. Each artwork is done individually, so no two will ever be the same. She exhibits at several art fairs every year, and at the Madison Art Center Gallery Shop.

The fused glass plates are each made with two glass circles, each with different parts of the design, which creates a 3-dimensional effect. The glass enamel powder is applied with sifters, for subtle shadings, and small funnels. Outlines are refined with small brushes. Lines are etched into the glass powder with sgraffito tools. One circle is superimposed on the other, then placed in a glass kiln at slowly increasing temperatures. The glass slumps into the shape of a mold as the enamel powder fuses to the circles.

Clarecastle Designs also creates unique photographs of Wisconsin scenes.


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