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Bucky Badger Set Books
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Bucky Badger: A Children's Story Premier Set - 4 Books


In this Bucky Badger: A Children's Story four book set follows Buckingham U. Badger and his sister Becky through their adventures. Children will love this series of stories and adventures by the most famous and beloved mascot in the land - Bucky Badger. The books are 8 x 8 in. soft cover, and printed in full color. All books are approximately 20-28 pages.  There are more than 90 illustrations throughout the four book series.

Book 1, Becky Gets a Brother, introduces the characters in the Bucky Badger a Children's Story series and tells how Bucky got his name. Book 2, The Storm is where Becky explains to her little brother how thunderstorms happen. Becky's explanation is cute and humorous and is intended to explore the resolution of the fear of thunderstorms. Book 3, The Yard Sale is where the children discover the closet under the stairs to have an amazing collection of old clothes and items that energize the children's imagination. Book 4, Treasure is intended to explore imagination and discovery. Pirates and sailings ships introduced during a bedtime story and prompts young Bucky Badger into a day long search for buried treasure. A unique children's gift idea! Each book is dedicated to Sam and Sophia, the author's two children, signed by Bucky Badger, and meant to be a dedication for children everywhere.

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By: Joe Martino
Book 1: Becky Gets a Brother
Book 2: The Storm
Book 3: The Yard Sale
Book 4: Treasure
8 x 8 in.
Approximately 20-28 pages, each
Soft cover
Joe Martino is a 1992 graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He enjoyed being the Bucky Badger mascot between 1988 and 1992. He has written a series of children's books about Bucky Badger. The main focus of his Badgerland Books is to engage children in a series of stories and adventures by one of the most famous and beloved mascots in the land - Bucky Badger. Joe and his family live in McFarland, Wisconsin.

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