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White Coat Wisdom - Book
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White Coat Wisdom - Book


White Coat Wisdom is an award-winning medical book written by Stephen J. Busalacchi and the culmination of almost 25 years in medical journalism. This newly updated and revised 473-page hardcover, culled from more than 56 hours of in-person interviews, explores the experiences of extremely accomplished professionals who have found true fulfillment in life through service to others.

White Coat Wisdom explores nine hundred years of combined medical experience explained in compelling, real-life stories. A great read for anyone interested in memoirs, medicine, and how we can better our lives and those of our families. Highly recommended (5-Stars) by the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Midwest Book Review and LibraryThing, among others. Published by Apollo's Voice. Written by Stephen J. Busalacchi. 473 pages, 9.3 x 6.2 x 1.7 in, Hardcover.

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By: Stephen J. Busalacchi
Hardcover - newly updated and revised
473 pages
9.3 x 6.2 x 1.7 in.
Published by Apollo's Voice
ISBN 9780979422201

"(Busalacchi)?has mastered the ability to allow his subjects the floor, and the practice of medicine from the view of the dear and glorious physician is expressed with all the triumphs and tragedies that are part of that world." - U.S. Review of Books, May 2009

FIVE STARS (Outstanding) "The book is clear, concise and well-written." --Mayo Clinic

"White Coat Wisdom" is packed cover to cover with what its title promotes, and is highly recommended for those reasons. - Midwest Book Review

"I would heartily recommend White Coat Wisdom to anyone who enjoys reading memoirs, is a health nut, has a physician in their family, or has an interest in medical topics. White Coat Wisdom gets a hale and healthy FIVE stars from me!" - Countrylife's Review

"White Coat Wisdom endured rigorous judging and surpassed dozens of titles within its cataegory. Each winner was determined to be unique, worthy and well produced in all aspects of writing and publishing." - Eric Hoffer Awards Committee

"Inspiring...What treasure this state has in its medical professionals." - Wisconsin State Journal

Steve Busalacchi is a medical journalist, author and speaker, who reported for National Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Radio for 15 years. In the process, he won more than two dozen journalism awards. Most recently, the Wisconsin Medical Society honored him with the 2007 Medical Issues Reporting Award. He is the author of White Coat Wisdom, an oral history of extraordinary physicians, endorsed by C. Everett Koop, MD and Nancy Dickey, MD. Busalacchi is also author of Media Savvy, Media Success!, a quick guide to stellar performance with the news media. Busalacchi has spent a decade as a communications specialist for the Wisconsin Medical Society, and more recently, as the principal of a health communications firm in Madison, Wisconsin, where he lives with his wife and two young daughters.

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