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Hello, I appreciate your interest in photography and, especially, my photography.

So, what constitutes good photography? Creations, like books, movies, art, and people who help me to "feel" are very special in my life. For me, good photography is the same, good photography helps me to feel. That feeling may be awe, as in when I create a spectacular image of the Grand Canyon. The feeling might be relaxation, such as a fall landscape or waterfall. The feeling might be inspiration and connection, such as when I see a photo of another culture or architecture. And, the feeling might just be joy and contentment, as when I create and view an image of my kids. I hope that my images might evoke some of these same feelings and emotions in you, and that I can help you to feel such emotions in images that I might create for you.

By way of background, I'm a Midwesterner by birth. My "formal" training is in environmental sciences, and that kept me quite busy for many years. Now, I'm a full-time photographer and am absolutely loving it! My photography study and training have come over several years, and from shooting thousands and thousands of shots. I've been interested in the arts since I was young, so photography is a natural evolution for me, and it allows me to get to know, "see," and feel my subjects with much more intimacy. I certainly have a passion for the environment and photography, and I hope that it comes through in all of my photographs, including my photographs of people and things.

Tim Mulholland is a Fitchburg-based professional photographer, specializing in nature and landscape scenes, including panoramic images. His goal is to help bring a beautiful, memorable part of Wisconsin into your home, to help you reconnect with "home" and your peace and quiet.

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