Emmi Roth Cheese

America's Only Manufacturer of Gruyere

Monroe, Wisconsin. Emmi Roth Cheese is a specialty cheese manufacturer whose niche in the U.S. cheese market is classic European cheeses like Gruyere, Havarti, Fontina, Butter Kase and Raclette. Once the domain of European manufacturers, these specialty varieties are made in modern, cheese-making facilities that utilize some of the traditional, labor-intensive processes established in Europe. some of Emmi Roth's cheesemakers are trained in Switzerland. 

Steve McKeon, president and chief operating officer, is proud of Emmi Roth Cheese's unique production procedures and attention to authenticity. "We're creating a piece of art, not a piece of science," he says. 

Emmi Roth Cheese has the nation's largest operational copper vat used in making Gruyere. As the only manufacturer of Gruyere in the U.S., this world-class, award-winning cheese is the company's flagship product. 

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