Ken Lonnquist

Wisconsin-based Singer and Songwriter Smack in the Middle of Imagination

Madison, Wisconsin. Ken Lonnquist is a singer/songwriter with a love of music that goes back to his childhood, where most of his family sang or played an instrument. He wrote his first song at the age of 12 and hasn't stopped since. 

Ken is known for the variety of music genres he writes — children's, humorous, meaningful, environmental and topical. He's recorded over 300 songs and written thousands more. Ken performs across the county at festivals, colleges, schools and clubs. He is the recipient of multiple awards from the following organizations: Parent's Choice, American Library Association, Wisconsin Area Music Industry, Madison Audobon Society and Dane County Kids. 

Kenland Music, Inc. is the name of his company and sits "at the crossroads of music and laughter, smack dab in the middle of imagination."

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