Rural Route 1 Popcorn

Rural Route 1 PopcornGrow Your Own Gourmet Popcorn

Livingston, Wisconsin. The Biddick Family Farm has been producing seed corn since 1906. in 1983, the government instituted the PIC program, where farmers could choose to take their farmland out of production for a year and receive a government payment. During that year, Roger and Brad Biddick experimented with popcorn, which used much of the same equipment as the seed corn. Their experiments became Rural Route 1 Popcorn. 

Today, the Biddick Family dedicates several hundred acres of farmland to producing gourmet popcorn. Thus, Rural Route 1 Popcorn is unique for both growing and popping their own product. All popcorn products are made in small batches to ensure a superior treat. 

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