Blumer's Premium Soda - 24 Bottles

Minhas Brewery

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Blumer's premium sodas are made by Minhas Brewery of Monroe, Wisconsin. Blumer's premium sodas are rich, creamy, old fashioned flavors you'd expect from a proud Wisconsin company that has been in continuous operation since 1845. Blumer's gourmet sodas are made for sipping, savoring, serving over ice and sharing with friends. Select six, 4-packs of gourmet soda to be included in your variety pack: Root Beer, Cream Soda, Orange Cream Soda, Blueberry Cream Soda or Black Cherry Soda. Mix or Match! Soda is not packed in a fancy gift box, but packaged carefully with bubble-wrap and other packing materials to protect the bottles. Six-pack cartons are then double-boxed in heavy duty cardboard boxes suitable for shipping. A total of twenty four 12 fluid oz bottles of Blumer's premium soda will be enjoyed.

Blumer's Old Fashioned Root Beer is just like what you remember enjoying in a frosty mug at the drive-in. Using choice ingredients and flavors to achieve an Old Fashioned Root Beer taste that will take you right back. 

Blumer's Old Fashioned Cream Soda carefully blends the choicest and most delicate vanilla flavors to bring you back to a time when lazy summer days and porch swings made the world go around.

Blumer's Old Fashioned Orange Cream Soda is filled with tangy pizzazz, this soda will soon be your favorite. Fabulous orange flavor, tempered lightly with smooth cream, dances in your mouth to create an exciting taste sensation.

Blumer's Old Fashioned Blueberry Cream Soda chase the blues away. Not too sweet, with a heavenly blueberry twist, this soda is sure to please. It's the closest thing to sitting in the blueberry patch and picking your own.

Blumer's Old Fashioned Black Cherry Soda hits your mouth with a burst of flavor and a tangy kick, flooding your senses with the feeling that summer is finally here. 

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