Bread Cheese Bonanza Gift Box

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Bread Cheese
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Gift Boxes

The Bread Cheese Bonanza Gift Box is an assortment of traditional Finnish Juustoleipa,or Juusto, which is bread cheese. This Wisconsin bread cheese, Juusto, by Carr Valley Cheese is baked before packaging so it has a nicely browned crust. Choose one of each flavor, all of one flavor, or mix and match your favorites from four flavors, each just under three-quarters of a pound - Plain Bread Cheese, Garlic Bread Cheese, Jalapeno Bread Cheese and Chipotle Bread Cheese. These cheeses are best served warm and can be microwaved or sauteed for an easy appetizer or snack.

Gift Box - classic cow pattern, total just under 3 lb.
4 Chunks of Bread Cheese
Plain Bread Cheese - .70 lb.
Garlic Bread Cheese - .70 lb.
Jalapeno Bread Cheese - .70 lb.
Chipotle Bread Cheese - .70 lb.

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