Butterflies of North America - Book

Willow Creek Press

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Butterflies of North America by Judy Burris and Wayne Richards is a book that unlocks the mysterious world of butterfly life cycles. Hundreds of photos capture every intricate detail of these marvelous creatures. Explore butterfly courtship, feeding habits, defense mechanisms and the diversity of design in their eggs, caterpillars, chrysalises and winged adults. Learn how to find butterflies in the wild and also discover what plants to add to your own yard to attract these beautiful insects. From the curious novice to the serious naturalist, this book is a treasure trove of butterfly secrets.

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Authors: Judy Burris and Wayne Richards
Hardcover - 8 in. x 7 in.
144 pages
Color Photos
ISBN: 9781623439705

Book Author Bio

Judy Burris and Wayne Richards are a sister-brother author and photographer team. They were raised to have a strong respect for the natural world and always enjoyed spending time on hiking trails looking for animals and trying to identify the trees, wildflowers and insects. As adults, they have translated their interest in animal and plant life into creating several award-winning books about nature.