Corian Cutting Board - Wildlife Design

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Please allow 2 weeks for engraving and personalization. No expedited order, please.

This Corian Cutting Board features a wildlife design on one sie and the cutting surface with juice trough around the perimeter on the blank side. The premium cutting board by Cutting Boards WI is white and comes in five different wildlife designs - Bear, Deer, Fish, Hummingbird, and A Lure of Fishing. Choose the wildlife design you want from the Option dropdown below. The Bear design features a bear, trees and the sun or moon on the horizon. The Deer design is the head of a Whitetail deer. The Fish design is a detailed fish. The Hummingbird design features a beautiful flower and hummingbird. A Lure of Fishing design shows a fishing lure and the words engraved, A Lure of Fishing. Each of these Wildlife Design cutting boards make a great gift or a perfect addition to your home or cabin.

The Artisan purchases cut off Corian material from different countertop manufacturers in Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota. These pieces are then repurposed as cutting boards. The Corian is cut into different sizes, then sanded until smooth. A juice trough is cut around the perimeter of the board on one side and a design is finally engraved using a CNC Router.

Corian is a perfect material for a cutting board because it is nonporous and therefore won't absorb odors. It won't stain and bacteria can't grow on its surface. Corian is NSF approved for food use. It is heat resistant so it can be used as a trivet. Chilled in the refrigerator it makes a great cold serving platter for cheese and cold cuts.

Cutting Board - White Corian
Size - 12 in. x 16 in.
Please select the design you choose from the Option dropdown above
Five Designs to choose from - Bear, Deer, Fish, Hummingbird, OR A Lure of Fishing
Design engraved on one side, blank cutting surface with juice trough on the other
Stain, bacteria and odor resistant
Heat resistant
Dishwasher safe
Care sheet included
May be used as a cutting board, trivet or cold serving platter