Door County Coffee Twin Pack Gift Set

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The Door County Coffee Twin Pack Gift Set is the perfect gift for any coffee lover. The twin pack includes two bags of popular ground Classic Gourmet Coffees in Regular or Decaf, Flavored or Non-flavored. This is two weeks' worth of coffee to enjoy. Non-flavored Regular selections are Breakfast Blend and Country Morning Blend. Non-flavored Decaf includes Decaf Breakfast Blend and Decaf Country Blend. Flavored Regular includes Highlander Grogg and Sinful Delight. Decaf Highlander Grogg and Decaf Sinful Delight.

Breakfast Blend Gourmet Coffee is a special blend of Costa Rican and Colombian with a pleasant aroma, light body, mild acidity, medium roast.
Country Morning Blend combines Colombian with Sumatra making a rich, hearty blend with heavy body, medium acidity, in medium roast.
Highlander Grogg is a blend of Irish creme and caramel.
Sinful Delight combines the flavors of milk chocolate, caramel, vanilla and nuts.

Gift Box
Gift Set contains 2 coffees, 10 oz. each
Ground Coffee in resealable bags
Choose Non-flavored Regular, Non-flavored Decaf, Flavored Regular, or Flavored Decaf
Non-flavored selections: Country Morning Blend and Breakfast Blend
Flavored selections: Highlander Grogg and Sinful Delight
Shelf life of coffees - 6 months
Ships to APO and FPO addresses