Door County Coffee Twin Pack Travel Gift Set

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The Door County Coffee Twin Pack Travel Gift Set includes two great gourmet coffees and a travel mug. Each gift set contains two best-selling Door County Coffees and a travel mug with the Door County Coffee logo. Choose Flavored or Non-flavored in either Regular of Decaf ground coffee. This is two weeks' worth of coffee to enjoy. Non-flavored Regular selections are Breakfast Blend and Country Morning Blend. Non-flavored Decaf includes Decaf Breakfast Blend and Decaf Country Blend. Flavored Regular includes Highlander Grogg and Sinful Delight. Decaf Highlander Grogg and Decaf Sinful Delight.

Breakfast Blend Gourmet Coffee is a special blend of Costa Rican and Colombian with a pleasant aroma, light body, mild acidity, medium roast.
Country Morning Blend combines Colombian with Sumatra making a rich, hearty blend with heavy body, medium acidity, in medium roast.
Highlander Grogg is a blend of Irish creme and caramel.
Sinful Delight combines the flavors of milk chocolate, caramel, vanilla and nuts.

Gift Box
Gift Set contains 2 coffees, 10 oz. each and 1 travel mug
Ground Coffee in resealable bags
Choose Non-flavored Regular, Non-flavored Decaf, Flavored Regular, or Flavored Decaf
Non-flavored selections, Regular or Decaf: Country Morning Blend and Breakfast Blend
Flavored selections, Regular or Decaf: Highlander Grogg and Sinful Delight
Shelf life of coffees - 6 months
Ships to APO and FPO addresses