Holiday Basket Cookie Sampler

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All cookies are baked after your order is received. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for your order to be baked and prepared for shipping.

This Easter Basket Cookie Sampler Gift Box contains four dozen of your favorite Easter cookies. Cookies From Scratch packs this gift box with the following six varieties: Sugar Cookie Easter Egg, Pastel M & M Surprise, Pistachio Crunch, Spritz Almond Daisy, Chocolate Malt Easter Eggs and Shortbread Yummy Bunny. The Easter Basket Cookie Sampler is a great addition to your Easter festivities.

Gift Box
4 dozen cookies - 2 in., each
Six flavor varieties, 8 of each
Sugar Cookie Easter Egg - 8
Pastel M & M Surprise - 8
Pistachio Crunch - 8
Spritz Almond Daisy - 8
Chocolate Malt Easter Eggs - 8
Shortbread Yummy Bunny - 8
Cookies should be eaten within 1-2 weeks or frozen for up to 2 months