Gouda Distance Please! Gift Box

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Gouda Cheese
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With everyone trying to stay at home, Marieke Gouda wanted to offer this special gift, the Gouda Distance Please! gift box. Perfect for yourself, or to send to a loved one you're unable visit. This gift includes TWO Marieke® Gouda flavors of your choice **, one Nolechek’s meats, one box of Potter's Crackers, one bag of Dipping Pretzels, one package of Caramel Cookie Waffle, and a cheese slicer.

**Choose two Gouda flavors:
Young 2- 4 month Plain Gouda
Mature 6 – 9 month Plain Gouda
Premium 12 – 18 month Plain Gouda
Bacon Gouda
Black Mustard Gouda
Black Pepper Mix Gouda
Burning Melange Gouda
Cumin, Foenegreek Gouda
Honey Clover Gouda
Jalapeno Gouda
Mustard Melange Gouda
Onion Garlic Gouda
Pesto Basil Gouda
Smoked Cumin Gouda
Smoked Gouda
Truffle Gouda
Marieke Golden


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