Gourmet Garnish 6-Jar Assortment

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The Gourmet Garnish 6-Jar Assortment by Forest Floor Foods allows you to select from Royal Red Cherries, Sour Cocktail Onions and Sweet Cocktail Onions. The onions are pickled and have attractive color, firm texture and pleasant flavor. If you're a cocktail onion connoisseur, you'll find that these cocktail onions are the best. The Royal Red Cherries, long stem maraschino cherries with a delicious sweet flavor, make a perfect garnish for cocktails, pastries, ice cream or fruit. Select six jars in any combination of long stem cherries, sweet cocktail onions or sour cocktail onions. The Gourmet Garnish 6-Jar Assortment will add a splash to your next party or get-together.

Gourmet Garnishes - 6 jars
Cocktail Onions - 8 oz. each
Royal Red Cherries - 10 oz. each
Choose any combination of Royal Red Long-Stem Cherries, Sweet Cocktail Onions and Sour Cocktail Onions from the dropdowns above
Ships to APO and FPO addresses
Must be refrigerated after opening