Heart Candle Crock - 45th Anniversary Edition

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Rowe Pottery has brought back their Classic Heart Pattern in honor of their 45th anniversary. This Heart Candle Crock is available for a limited time only. Each candle is soy-based and filled in-house with a very attractive, Love Spell scent, which is a Vanilla, Cherry Blossom, Citrus blend fragrance. The Heart Pattern that adorns the front of this candle crock was one of the original Rowe Pottery patterns to be released back in 1975 and was a fan favorite. "45 Years" is decorated on the back of this limited edition candle crock.  All Rowe Pottery is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Width is 4.5 inches. 70 hour burn time.

Candle Care Tips:
As the candle burns down, scrape the sides when cooled down and before burning again.
Once the candle burns through, scrape any remaining soy wax out of crock.
Run through dishwasher and use empty crock for whatever your heart desires.

Made to Order. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Cancellations must be made within one business day from date of purchase.