Melissa's Holiday Adventure - Book

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Melissa's Christmas Adventure is the story of good little witch Melissa and how she rescued Christmas. It was Christmas Eve and Melissa was riding her broom through the snow-covered woods when she came across a beautiful red and gold sleigh overturned in the snow. There were reindeer nearby and a man in a red suit. It was Santa - he had bumped his head and needed Melissa's help. Author Dona Ross Pratt weaves the story of a darling Christmas adventure complete with magic stardust and animal friends who lend a hand.

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Author: Dona Ross Pratt
Illustrator: Megan Cunningham
Hardcover - 8.5 in. x 10 in.
36 pages
ISBN: 9781942586081
Published by Little Creek Press

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Dona Ross Pratt grew up in Brodhead, Wisconsin. She graduated from Whitewater State Teachers College. Pratt taught at Columbus, Beloit and Fox Point, Wisconsin before moving to Edgerton, where she and her husband raised their family of four children. Pratt enjoys watching children develop a love of learning, and creatively expressing themselves through art and music. Pratt sees the value in children developing a love of reading, which fosters their imagination and helps inspire them to learn.