Mikey the Manufacturer - Book

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Mikey the Manufacturer is a delightful children's book by Ben Bemis that explores the world of manufacturing. On Professionals Day, the children in Ms. Honeydew's class come dressed as different professionals - a dentist, fire fighter, airline pilot and many others. Mikey comes as a manufacturer and treats the children to a field trip inside a manufacturing plant where they learn how things we use every day are made. They will enjoy watching people bend metal, wield lasers and operate robots.

Mikey the Manufacturer is a great learning experience for children ages 5 - 10.

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Author: Ben Bemis
Illustrator: Russ Cox
Hardcover - 8.75 in. x 8.75 in.
36 pages
ISBN: 9780989978491
Children's book - suitable for ages 5-10
Published by Little Creek Press

Ben Bemis was born one of six children and fully appreciates the value of family, which he believes is the cornerstone of our society. In his everyday role as a commercial banker he has the pleasure of working with various companies in the manufacturing industry. Ben holds a Bachelor's of Science degree from University Wisconsin - La Crosse. After college, Ben and his wife Lynsey are raising their family in Wisconsin.