Never Curse the Rain - Book

Wisconsin Historical Society Press

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Never Curse the Rain shares author Jerry Apps' memories of growing up on the family farm where he learned from a young age that water was precious. The farm had no running water. A windmill pumped drinking water for the small herd of cattle, and Jerry and his brothers hauled bucket after bucket of water for the family's use. A weekly bath was considered sufficient. And when it rained, it was cause for celebration. Indeed, if ever the Apps boys complained about a rainy day spoiling their plans, their father admonished them to never curse the rain, for the family's very livelihood depended upon it. The author shares his memories of water, from its importance to crops and cattle to its many recreational uses - fishing trips, canoe journeys, and the simple pleasures of an afternoon spent dreaming in the haymow as the rain pattered on a barn roof. Water is still a touchstone in Jerry's life. He discusses his concerns about the future of water and ensuring we always have enough.

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Author: Jerry Apps
Hardcover - 5.5 in. x 8 in.
160 pages
ISBN: 9780870207945
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Book Author Bio

Jerry Apps is professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the author of many books on rural history and country life, including "Old Farm: A History" and "Horse-Drawn Days: A Century of Farming with Horses." Jerry was born and raised on a small farm in Waushara County, Wisconsin, where he spent countless hours working in the barn, milking and feeding cows, helping to store hay in the haymow, and appreciating the barn's importance to the life of a farm.