Packer Game Snacks Gift Box

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Ships Monday and Tuesday. May ship Wednesday if destination is within the Midwest. On rare occasions, or during warm weather, a product of equal or greater value may be substituted if a listed product becomes unavailable. If shipping to a warm weat
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The Packer Game Snacks Gift Box by Fruit Ranch will be the perfect treat to enjoy while watching the next Green Bay Packers game. The gift box contains kettle chips, cheddar cheese spread, beef summer sausage, crackers, chocolates, candy coated pretzels, and a cheese foam wedge to squeeze while you watch the game. Why not send the Packer Game Snacks Gift Box to a Packer fan you know.

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Gift Box

During warm weather or when shipping to warm weather destinations, this gift may ship in thermal packaging instead of a gift box in order to keep the contents cool

Sprecher Beer Flavored Kettle Chips - 1.75 oz.
Spicy Beer Cheddar Cheese Spread - 7 oz,
Summer Sausage - 7oz., may be Beef, Spicy Beef, Mesquite, Cajun or Beef Salami
Crackers - 1 small box
Green Bay Puddles Chocolates - 3 oz.
Candy Coated Pretzels - 2 oz.
Cheese foam wedge - 1

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