Pickled Mild Bologna Bites - 2 Jars

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Pickled Sausage

Bay View Pickled Mild Bologna Bites are smoked, pickled and seasoned with natural spices to create a great tasting meat snack. This bologna product is a skinless, German knackwurst made from finely ground beef and pork that is cut into uniform pieces for easy snacking. These naturally low carb, high protein treats make a great snack. Enjoy two 32 ounce PET plastic jars of Pickled Mild Bologna Bites. There are approximately 40 pieces of sliced bologna per jar, but each jar is packaged by weight. No refrigeration needed before or after opening when covered in brine. Best when eaten within three to four months.

Ingredients - pork, beef, water, salt, spices, sugar, paprika, garlic, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite. Packed in a vinegar brine consisting of water, vinegar, salt, FD&C Red 40, mustard seed, and chili peppers.