Pickled Polish Sausage and Gourmet Mustard Assortment

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Our Pickled Polish Sausage and Gourmet Mustard Assortment is the perfect pairing of pickled meat and delicious mustard accompaniments. The assortment includes two 32 oz jars of pickled Polish sausages by Bay View Packing and two 8 oz jars of Lakeside mustards. Packaged in PET plastic jars, approximately twenty-six 1.2 oz sausages per jar, measuring at about 5-6 inches each. Pickled Polish Sausage is made with the finest cuts of beef and pork for a perfect blend of flavor with a deep smoked coloring. Bay View's special blends of spices and brine enhance the flavor - not too hot, not too mild! No refrigeration needed before or after opening for Polish sausage. Lakeside's Hot German Dusseldorf Mustard is a classic sharp Dusseldorf-style mustard from Wisconsin. Lakeside's Hot Honey Mustard has a smooth mustard base with honey and the just the right amount of horseradish to create a great balance of flavors. Mustard should be refrigerated after opening. Best when eaten within 3-4 months.

Pickled Polish Sausage Ingredients: beef heart meat, beef, pork, water, salt, corn syrup, spices, sodium phosphate, garlic, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrate. Packed in a vinegar brine consisting of: water, white distilled vinegar, salt, FD&C red number 40, mustard seed, chili peppers

Bay View Packing is a family-owned business specializing in pickled meats and delicacies. They are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their old-world pickling techniques and traditions have been passed down for over five generations. To learn more about Bay View Packing and to see their entire product assortment, please click here.

Lakeside Mustards is family-owned and based in St. Francis, Wisconsin. Their exclusive mustards and sauces are sold only in select areas of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Brought to you here by Bay View Packing Company. 


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