Premier Popcorn Snack Attack Gift

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Satisfy your snack attack cravings with this premier popcorn assortment by Rural Route 1 Popcorn, that contains one of each of our 4.5 oz boxes of K'Nuckle, R.C. Snakle, C.C. Winkle, and S.S. Dunkle, along with one of each of our ready-to-eat bags of Caramel Sea Salt, Cheese, Chicago Style, and Jalapeno popcorn flavors, all packed in an attractive, red gift box.

These flavorful, varieties are perfect to enjoy anytime. A perfect gift for teenagers and college students.

Knuckle is popcorn smothered with creamy white fudge and almonds.
C.C. Winkle is caramel corn covered in milk chocolate and cashews.
R.C. Snakle is white fudge Popcorn mixed with cranberries.
S.S. Dunkle is caramel corn dunked in dark fudge with sea salt.
Chicago Style is Cheddar Cheese and Caramel Corn Mix.

Red Gift Box
Four 4.5 oz. Boxes one of each flavor - K'Nuckle, C.C. Winkle, R.C. Snakle, and S.S. Dunkle
Four snack size bags, one of each flavor- Caramel Sea Salt, Cheese, Chicago Style, and Jalapeno

Shelf Life 6-9 months
Gluten Free
No Trans Fats
Contains Milk, Soy, peanut, tree nuts

Dimensions of shipping box- 15" x 11" x 5"