Seasonal Splendor Deluxe Chocolates Gift Tower

Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates

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The Seasonal Splendor Deluxe Chocolates Gift Tower is a unique collection of expertly crafted chocolates by Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates. This 3-box tower includes several decadent chocolate confections - Variety Terrapins, Platinum Chocolates, and Variety Holiday Caramels. The Variety Terrapins is a 32-piece box of specialty chocolate turtles, a perfect blend of chocolate, nuts and caramel. The Platinum Chocolates is a 9-piece box of dark chocolate shells filled with smoky, soothing pecans and caramel, then sprayed with cocoa butter to provide a platinum sheen. The Variety Holiday Caramels is a 4-piece box of delicious flavored caramels in dark chocolate shells that are airbrushed with holiday hues of silver, gold, red and green. The Seasonal Splendor Deluxe Chocolates Gift Tower will be a striking and delicious gift for any recipieint.Sale Ends on Monday, November 28, 2016.

Gift Tower - 3 boxes
Variety Terrapins - 32 pieces, 32.3 oz.
Platinum Chocolates - 9 pieces, 6.4 oz.
Variety Holiday Caramels - 4 pieces, 1.4 oz.
Shelf life - 3 months