Stepping from Herriot's Shadow - Book

Little Creek Press

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Bill Stork, author of Stepping from Herriot's Shadow, is far more comfortable being called a storyteller with an amazing stable of friends and unique perspective. Dr. Stork is a country vet practicing in a small town in Wisconsin. Stepping from Herriot's Shadow is a snapshot in time with stories about elusive Jack Russell terriers, free range pigs, old black Labs, rampaging cows and skunks. There are also stories about WWII Veteran barber, anger management, serendipity and gaining strength by way of a sick daughter or climbing a mountain.

Softcover book measures at 5.75 in. x 8.75 in. and includes 264 pages. Published by Little Creek Press. ISBN: 9781942586166

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Bill Stork grew up in Decatur, Illinois and graduated from the University of Illinois-College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992. The same year he moved to Wisconsin and started working at the Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic. He currently shares a 7-acre petting zoo with a displaced Wyoming cattle dog, an aging Labrador, 2 goats, 4 cats, 11 horses and his one-person support crew and partner, Sheila.

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