Thank You Popcorn Gift Tin - 2 Gallon

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This Thank You Popcorn Gift Tin by Knight's Gourmet Popcorn is the perfect way to show appreciation to your customers, employees, friends or family. The decorative 2 gallon tin (approximately 28 cups freshly popped corn) is available with your choice of five popular gourmet popcorn flavors - Original Gourmet White, Kettle Corn, Double Cheddar Cheese, 3-Way Mix or Caramel Corn. Show your appreciation by giving this tasty thank you gift.

Original Gourmet White is a tender, slightly smaller kernel that melts in your mouth; Gourmet Kettle Corn is a slightly salty, slightly sweet blend that is truly irresistible like you remember from the County Fair; Double Cheddar Cheese is made with real butter and double dipped in cheese to ensure every kernel is coated; 3-Way Mix consists of Original White, sweet buttery Caramel Corn and Double Cheddar Cheese popcorns in a divided tin. Caramel Corn is full of flavor and loaded with sweetness. This sweet buttery-toffee style caramel corn will leave you satisfied and reaching for another handful. Shelf life is 1 month.

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