The Upside-Down Clown - Book

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The Upside-Down Clown is a children's book by author Joan Hughes and illustrated by Rebecca Gavney Driscoll, based around the friendship between a seven year-old boy, Jason, and his kindly neighbor, Gerald Taylor. In this story, Gerald tells Jason that sad people are like upside-down clowns, but he explains that there is a very special book that has the power to turn upside-down clowns right side up again and bring them happiness. The book is the Bible and this story is a wonderfully simple presentation of the importance of God's Word in our lives.

Hardcover book measures at 8.75 in. x 10.25 in. and includes 32 pages. Children's book is suitable for ages 8-11. Published by Little Creek Press.
ISBN: 9781942586043

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Joan Hughes is a native of Mineral Point, Wisconsin, where she raised her family. She currently resides in Monroe, Wisconsin with her husband Don and dog Sadie and is very involved in her church in Darlington, Wisconsin. Her hope is that her books will help children embrace the pearls in all situations in life.

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