What Birds Teach Us - Book

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What Birds Teach Us by Bonnie Louise Kuchler is a delightful gift book about life's lessons learned from our feathered friends. Nature has many lessons to offer, and some of her teachers wear feathers. The curiosities, cleverness and cuteness of birds are showcased here in exceptional images handpicked from the portfolios of professional wildlife photographers. From breaking out of a shell to leaving the nest, from mate-finding to migrating, from surviving to thriving, our feathered friends share bird seeds of wisdom, dipped in the nectar of fun. With forty-eight images alongside insightful and humorous tips, What Birds Teach Us is a visual and inspiring treat for anyone who enjoys birds.

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Author: Bonnie Louise Kuchler
Hardcover - 5.5 in. x 5.5 in.
96 pages
Color photos
ISBN: 9781682347331

Book Author Bio

Bonnie Louise Kuchler is the author of over twenty gift books about sisters, friends, animals and relationships.