Willow Wonders, Why Do I Worry? - Book

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Willow Wonders, Why Do I Worry? is a children's book designed to educate others about Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Written from the unique perspective of a child, the book captures a child's view of the daily struggles and successes overcoming OCD and its many challenges. Willow Wonders is written by Kristin Beckstrom Radcliffe and her sixth grade daughter Wynne.

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Authors: Wynne and Kristen Beckstrom Radcliffe
Hardcover - 8.5 in. x 8.5 in.
36 pages
Children's book - suitable for ages 6-12
ISBN: 9780989643122
Published by Little Creek Press

Kristen Beckstrom Radcliffe and her daughter Wynne are co-authors of the book Willow Wonders. Kristen is a Mom and social worker who had worked in schools, military facilities and child protection agencies. Her daughter, Wynne, is a devoted sister and active youngster who deals with OCD and worry every day.