Wisconsin Cheese Trio Sampler

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The Wisconsin Cheese Trio Sampler is a delicious selection of cheeses by Carr Valley Cheese. The sampler includes Medium Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Colby cheeses in a cow pattern gift box. The Wisconsin Cheese Trio Sampler is a perfect gift for any cheese lover.

Medium Cheddar is handcrafted in small vats, then aged for 6 months. Takes on a creamy pleasing flavor - mellow and pleasing with a medium body, and a firm, moist texture. Slices, cubes, and shreds well and will melt smoothly.
Monterey Jack is a soft white cheese with an open body and texture. Carr Valley's Monterey Jack has won several awards.
Colby is a Wisconsin original first made in Colby, Wisconsin. We make and age the original recipe with an open body creamy texture and a fresh cheesy flavor. This Colby Cheese has won several awards.

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Gift Box - cow pattern box
Contains three cheeses - total 3 lb.
Medium Cheddar - 1 lb.
Monterey Jack - 1 lb.
Colby - 1 lb.
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