Women Remember the War, 1941-1945 - Book

Wisconsin Historical Society Press

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Women Remember the War brings to life the recollections and experiences of women who shouldered many and sometimes conflicting roles during World War II. This wartime collection edited by Michael E. Stevens includes oral history interviews of more than 30 women, who describe how they balanced their more traditional roles in the home with new demands placed on them by the biggest global conflict in history. The book provides a rich mix of insights, incorporating the perspectives of workers in factories, in offices and on farms, as well as women who served overseas in the military and Red Cross and wives and mothers who found their work in the home. These accounts illustrate how women coped with the stresses created by their daily lives and by the additional burden of worrying about loved ones fighting overseas; telling women's stories of war, change, and resilience in their own words.

Edited by: Michael E. Stevens
Paperback - 6 in. x 9 in.
168 pages, 41 black and white photos
ISBN: 9780870202728
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Book Author Bio

Michael E. Stevens is the former State Historic Preservation Officer at the Wisconsin Historical Society. He is also editor of the Society Press series "Voices of the Wisconsin Past," which includes Letters from the Front, as well as "Women Remember the War," and "Remembering the Holocaust."