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The YAH HEY CD features original songs about Wisconsin by Lou and Peter Berryman. Half of the songs on the CD are from the cassette FORWARD HEY, originally released in 1988; the eleven songs feature an accompaniment by a five-piece orchestra. The balance of the CD consists of other Wisconsin songs from other CDs, a recording of our story "A Short History of Wisconsin," plus a song about the history of Limburger cheese which took place in Monroe and Dubuque which they wrote for the Wisconsin Public Television's "Wisconsin Stories." The music of Lou and Peter Berryman is ageless--many of the songs are 25 years old and still hilarious.

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Songs include: 01--Sesquicentennial Minute 2002 Track 1, a short spoken history of Wisconsin, a new recording.

Tracks 2 thru 12 were recorded live in Madison in 1988 by Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR), and released as the cassette, FORWARD HEY. Track 7 was written for WPR and the Wisconsin Department of Tourism for a promotional video. 02--Pack Up A Picnic (1980), 03--Who Put the Si in Siberia (1986), 04--Dr. Otto's Rocket Ship (1980), 05--Up In Wisconsin (1980), 06--Oh Wonderful Madison (1983), 07--Forward Hey (1987), 08--Squirrelly Valley 2-Step (1980), 09--Poniatowski 1988, 10--Weyauwega Moon (1988), 11--The February March (1986), 12--The Biggest Cow (1980).

Tracks 13 and 14 are from the recording HOUSE CONCERT, recorded with a live audience at an afternoon house concert in Madison in the spring of 2000. 13--Madison, Wisconsin (2000), 14--Thirty Degrees, or Cheese & Beer & Snow (2000).

Track 15 is a new recording of a song written for Wisconsin Public Television and the Wisconsin Historical Society for an episode of their 2001 television series "Wisconsin Stories." It is historically accurate, strange though it may be. 15--The Limburger Ballad (2001). Track 16 is taken from the recording SOME KINDA FUNNY, which was released in 1998: 16--Have you Heard About the Heat (1996), Track 17 is about a real person. This is a new recording of the song; an earlier performance is on 1990's COW IMAGINATION: 17--Gilda Gray (1989), Track 18 is from the 1992 CD, WE DON'T TALK ABOUT THAT: 18--Pflaum Road (1989).

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