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Product Review for: Leona's Legacy: Memories of a Farmer's Daughter - Book
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Leona's Legacy: Memories of a Farmer's Daughter - Book

Leona's Legacy: Memories of a Farmer's Daughter will have readers of all ages appreciating this nostalgic trip down the back roads and barnyards of rural Southern Wisconsin, as told to the author, Kelly Simons, by your tour guide, Leona Ahnen. Leona grew up on her family's farm there during the depths of America's Great Depression in the 1920s and '30s. She shares her poignant story of the ties and never-ending work that bound her family and neighbors to the land and to each other, in an era when the loss of twenty dollars would have been a serious tragedy. Leona's Legacy is a heartfelt, true tale of shared toil and celebration, laughter and struggle, real suffering and honest joy. It is a portrait of a time long past and one very different from the madness of the twenty-first century; a time when life was hard but simple, work physically demanding but satisfying, and children's imaginations powered them through more adventures than any video game will ever be capable of.

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