About Wisconsin Made


Wisconsin Made Artisan Collective

Wisconsin is rich in talented, creative people who have chosen an artisan craft to savor, perfect, and share with you. Fortunately for us at WisconsinMade, we have gotten to personally know these artisans, and partake in the products they produce, from bratwurst, cheese, ice cream, kringle, maple syrup, cheesecakes, coffee...to handcrafted metal fire rings, garden ornaments, handcrafted wood products, pottery, jewelry...to books about Wisconsin, music and more.

Wisconsin is home. And we bring Wisconsin to you where ever you are.

Our WisconsinMade Artisan Collective is nearly 200 strong and we invite you to enjoy!

If you wish to be one of our Artisans, please fill out our WisconsinMade Artisan application.

There's just something about Wisconsin that we all love.

"Growing up in a family business, I know what it's like to be driven by an entrepreneurial spirit like our artisans. That's why I'm keen on bringing our artisans - who are the essence of Wisconsin's best - straight to you, our customers."

- Robyn Kitson, President of WisconsinMade

We all are helping build Wisconsin's local economy.

"Our artisans are creative, innovative and driven by passion to do the craft that they love. When you order from WisconsinMade, you're not just receiving a slice of Wisconsin, you're helping Wisconsin thrive."

- Brad Duesler, Owner and CEO