Birthday Greetings Popcorn Gift Box

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Birthday Greetings Popcorn Gift Box from Fireworks Popcorn will make any birthday a very special day. This Birthday Greetings Popcorn Gift Box will be sure to make your popcorn lovers birthday complete!

The Birthday Greetings Popcorn Gift Box starts with pop up popcorn perfection with 15 oz. bottles of Orchard Blossom and Sunset Fire Popcorn, plus 4 oz. bags of High Mountain Midnight and Harvest Blend Popcorn. Each of the popcorn flavors will pop up white with our Canola Popping Oil. Season this delicious popcorn with Butter burst Popcorn Seasoning or Fireworks Popcorn Salt. A delicious Birthday gift idea!

Gift Box - 8 in. x 8 in. x 3 in.
Orchard Blossom Popcorn - 15 oz.
Sunset Fire Popcorn - 15 oz.
High Mountain Midnight Popcorn - 4 oz.
Harvest Blend Popcorn - 4 oz.
Canola Popping Oil - 8 oz.
Butter Burst Popcorn Seasoning - .65 oz.
Fireworks Popcorn Salt - 1.45 oz.
Decorations and accessories not included