Corporate Gift Giving


This page will guide you with your large order with WisconsinMade Artisan Collective. We detail the ordering process, the benefits of having an account, how we calculate shipping and handling, and offer suggestions for some great gifts.


How to Place an Order

If you have a long list of people to send a gift to, fear not. WisconsinMade Artisan Collective has an easy process for this sort of thing.

It only takes about six steps, and the most work you have to do is pick out a product and give us your recipients' addresses.

Please note: we charge a small fee to send to individual addresses. A breakdown of the charges are in the next section.

Here is the step-by-step order instructions.

Step 1. Expression of Interest

Notify us that you would like a place a large order either by phone at (877) 947-6233 or by emailing We can discuss what you are looking for, how many recipients you have, how long it will take to fulfill, and address any other questions you may have. After that conversation, we'll send over the order spreadsheet.

Step 2. The Order Spreadsheet

The order spreadsheet is an Excel spreadsheet primarily asking for the addresses of your recipients. It also has fields for the item you are ordering (in case different addresses are meant to receive different items) and the gift message you want to include.

We ask that you use the same gift message for all recipients.

Send the filled-out spreadsheet back to us to proceed to the next step.

Step 3. Order Quote

Upon receiving the order spreadsheet, we'll build a quote based on the parameters discussed in Steps 1 and 2, including shipping, handling, tax, and any discounts you may qualify for. A breakdown of how shipping and handling is calculated is in the next section.

Depending on the products and number of recipients, some orders may qualify for a 10% corporate discount.

Step 4. Processing Payment

Once the quote is approved by you, we'll process payment. We prefer payment via company credit card, given to us over the phone. We also accept checks sent to our business address. For checks, the order will not be processed until the check clears our bank when deposited.

Step 5. Order Confirmation

As soon as payment finishes, you'll receive an order confirmation in your email.

Don't be alarmed if the shipping address says "ADDRESSES WILL BE UPLOADED." Our artisans are notified about the order at the same time you are sent a receipt, and that lets the artisans know they will receive the individual addresses in a different manner.

Step 6. Tracking

We'll do our best to keep an eye on when your order ships and sending you the tracking numbers as we receive them. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask if you haven't heard from us! Chances are, we're waiting to gather all the tracking numbers associated with your order before providing an update.


The Benefits of an Account

It's easy to take control of your company's gift-giving strategy with WisconsinMade Artisan Collective. Opening an account on our website is as easy as signing up.

Corporate accounts are no different than accounts for our other customers, so we recommend using a company email addresses and keeping the login information for your colleagues to also access.

What does an account provide our customers, especially our corporate customers? We have quite a few benefits, actually.

Track Order History

With a corporate account, you can manage all your orders and keep track of who received what and when. You can also re-order products that went over well.

Keep an Address Book

Keep a convenient list of everyone you've ever sent to, or everyone you wish to send to. When placing an order, just choose the address from a drop-down menu at check-out and you are good to go!

Maintain a Wishlist

If you know which products show your company in the best light, keep them all in a Wishlist. Curate your own selections of gifts your recipients prefer and use it for your next order. Refer to this wishlist every time you want to send a corporate gift.

Place an Order for Multiple Addresses

Want to send a box of chocolates to multiple people? You can do that in a single order with an account! We recommend this if you are sending to less than 10 people.

If you want to send a gift to more than that, please email our corporate representative at to place a large order. See the above section for more detailed instructions on how to accomplish that.


Calculation of Fees

Here is how we calculate shipping and handling fees. We present this here so you are not surprised by these items on the final quote.

Shipping Cost

Standard shipping costs are calculated via the weight of the product and the distance it will travel. Expect to pay anywhere from $10-$15 per item for standard shipping, and double that for expedited (3 Day Shipping).

Final shipping costs are calculated while compiling the quote.

Please note, a select number of items qualify for free shipping. You can view those items here.

Handling Fees

Uploading multiple addresses into our system takes a special process. Handling fees are calculated based on the number of recipient addresses. Here is what you can expect for your quote:

  • 10-25 addresses -> $.25 per address ($2.50-$6.25)
  • 26-50 addresses -> $.20 per address ($5.20-$10.00)
  • 51-100 addresses -> $.15 per address ($7.65-$15.00)
  • 101+ addresses -> $.10 per address (+$10.10)

Get in Touch!

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Our Recommendations

Everything on our website is available to order in large quantities. The following selections have seen the most success with previous customers. To see a larger listing of products we recommend, visit our Corporate Gift Giving page.


The Kringle is Wisconsin's State Pastry. Pastry dough is rolled in Wisconsin cream butter for three days before being stuffed with a delicious, sweet filling. Our Kringle artisans are some of the best in the state. We're not just recommending a great product, we're also recommending reliable service and fast delivery.

The Kringleteer Trio is great if you are sending to a team or an office, and if you need to send to more than 20 addresses. It is also a popular gift during the holiday season.

Roasted in Wisconsin, the Roaster's Dozen Gourmet Flavored Coffee Collection is a great way to diversify everyone's coffee habit with 13 different flavors of coffee. Each 1.5-oz bag makes one pot of coffee. How long that pot will last will depend on the tastes of the drinkers; our experience has shown that each pot doesn't last very long, no matter the flavor.

Because coffee is such a universally beloved drink, the Roaster's Dozen can be sent to either small groups, large groups, or individuals.  


Wisconsin cheese? Yes please! The cheese from Bucky's Favorite Sausage and Cheese Gift Box is made at UW-Madison, so you know that the cheese will be top-notch. Featuring one block of medium cheddar, one block of monterey jack with chives, and gourmet beef summer sausage; this gift box may be simple but we stand behind our recommendation for it.

Bucky's Favorite Sausage and Cheese Gift Box usually ships overnight at the beginning of the week. This is perfect to a single individual or to a small team or group to share.

The Gourmet Caramel Apple Deluxe Gift Basket features more than just three gourmet caramel apples: chocolate covered Oreos, mixed nuts, chocolate-dipped pretzel rods and chocolate malt balls. The caramel apples are made with homemade caramel and dipped in gourmet Belgian chocolate, which is also used for the other chocolate goodies in this delectable basket.

This is a gift basket for a group, as a single caramel apple can feed up to five to seven people. And there are three caramel apples in this basket!