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Product Review for: Golden Age Cheese Large Gift Box
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Golden Age Cheese Large Gift Box

The Golden Age Cheese Large Gift Box by Harmony Specialty Dairy Foods is an assortment of ten artisan British and Welsh inspired cheeses. The gift box includes 8 oz. packages of Abergele Traditional, Cheshire Traditional, Caerphilly (2 packages), Double Gloucester, Abergele Portabella and Chive, Abergele Cranberry and Orange, Cheshire Sage and Garlic, Abergele Tandoori Masala Spiced, and Abergele Garam Masala Spiced. These unique cheeses come in a distinctive round wood cheese box and are perfect for an anniversary, thank you or Christmas gift.

Abergele Traditional - small vat handcrafted original with a sultry moist, creamy texture. An exceptional accompaniment to red or white wines, melts well on veggies and slices easily for a sandwich. Our tribute to Abergele, North Wales UK.
Cheshire Traditional - a small vat handcrafted ancestor of modern day Cheddar Cheese with a full body, loose crumbly texture, buttery salty flavor and a lemony finish. A distinguished cheese suitably accompanied by a hearty red wine or a commanding spot on a cheese board.
Caerphilly - Welsh miners cheese,a pure white cheese that is pressed to give it a firm yet crumbly and flaky texture. It has a fresh clean aroma and taste with distinctive honey notes. Enhance a cheese tray with this distinguished, full flavored cheese or crumble on soups and salads.
Double Gloucester - a small vat handcrafted ancestor of modern day Cheddar Cheese with a smooth texture, firm body and an eggy and somewhat nutty flavor. A versatile, satisfying cheese for all ages - nibbling, cheese trays, soups, sandwiches and more.
Abergele Portabella and Chive - our creamy and buttery Abergele with earthy portabella mushrooms and zesty chive.
Abergele Cranberry and Orange - our creamy and buttery Abergele with sweet cranberry and an orange infusion.
Cheshire Sage and Garlic - our full bodied Cheshire cheese infused with robust sage and bold garlic.
Abergele Tandoori Masala Spiced - cool and creamy Abergele cheese infused with a contemporary Indian spice blend including chilies and zesty citrus.
Abergele Garam Masala Spiced - an ancient Indian spice blend of coriander, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves and cumin infused in our creamy Abergele cheese.

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