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Fireworks Popcorn

An Explosion of Flavor Grown in Wisconsin's Heartland

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fireworks Popcorn Company is dedicated to providing high-quality, gourmet popcorn. They select Native American popcorn based on its unique, naturally occurring colors, flavors and textures. Popcorn lovers everywhere enjoy the distinctive taste of these gourmet popcorn. "Explosion of flavor grown in the heartland" is how Fireworks Popcorn Company describes its popcorn.

Did you know that popcorn dates back over 5000 years? It's true! Popcorn was introduced to the American colonists at the first Thanksgiving feast. Today, Americans eat over one billion pounds of popcorn each year. There are many varieties of popcorn, each with a unique taste and texture. Popcorn is and has been an easy, wholesome and tasty treat.