Award Winning Marieke Gouda Gift Box - 8 Wedges

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Ships only Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
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The Marieke Gouda Cheese Award Winners Gift Box contains eight vacuum wrapped 5 ounce wedges of award-winning Marieke Gouda cheeses. The selections are Young Plain Gouda, Foenegreek, Burning Melange, Smoked, Jalapeno, Mature Gouda, Cumin and Mustard Melange. All Marieke Gouda cheeses are aged a minimum of two months and are handcrafted with Wisconsin farmstead fresh, raw cow's milk using the authentic cheesemaking methods Marieke brought with her from the Netherlands. The Award Winning Marieke Gouda Gift Box is a delicious gift for any cheese-lover.

Young Plain Gouda - creamy, buttery and mild with slightly sweet notes, aged 2-4 months.
Foenegreek Gouda - sweet and nutty with flavor notes reminiscent of maple syrup.
Burning Melange Gouda - creamy and herbaceous with notes of garlic and parsley.
Smoked Gouda - rich and full-flavored, genlty smoked over natural Hickory wood.
Jalapeno - creamy and buttery with a hint of Jalapeno heat at the finish.
Mature Gouda - rich and full-flavored with a subtle bite and caramel notes, aged 6-9 months.
Cumin - distinctively spiced, yet subtly sweet.
Mustard Melange - creamy and earthy, flanked by black and yellow mustard seeds.

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Gift Box contains four Gouda varieties
Young Plain Gouda - 5 oz. wedge
Foenegreek Gouda - 5 oz. wedge
Burning Melange Gouda - 5 oz. wedge
Smoked Gouda - 5 oz. wedge
Jalapeno gouda - 5 oz.
Mature Gouda - 5 oz.
Cumin Gouda - 5 oz.
Mustard Melange Gouda - 5 oz.
Substitutions of another award winning Gouda may be made if any of the Gouda varieties listed is temporarily unavailable
Shelf life is 9 months refrigerated
Ships only Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Each Marieke Gouda flavor has won several Wisconsin, US or World cheese awards.

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