Bud Vase - Mosaic Wood Design

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The Bud Vase - Mosaic Wood Design is skillfully handmade by DHH Designs. Each vase is individually handcrafted in a mosaic layering pattern using Wisconsin hardwoods including Maple, Oak, Cherry, Black Walnut, and African Padauk. The African Padauk will age to a deep burgundy color. The bud vase is highly polished with a natural finish, too. Since every vase is individually handmade, the patterns and woods will vary. The sides of each vase are curved; from the top, it has an eye shape.There is a narrow opening with a removable plastic tube for a flower and water. The Bud Vase - Mosaic Wood Design would be a great gift for any occasion.

Bud Vase - 1
Each piece measures approximately 9 in. x 3.375 in. x .2.625 in.
Removable plastic tube for water and flower
Wood is a natural material and variations in color and grain may occur
Image shows two possible variation of the mosaic design
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