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Cookies, Sweets & Snacks

This category comes in three parts.

Part 1:  Cookies.  Our collection of cookies is bountiful.  Along with cookies for chocolate lovers, we have some for the shortbread enthusiasts, crumbles for the cookie monsters, wedding snowballs for the recently engaged, sugar cookies in all shapes and sizes, and much more. 

The variety of bars is fabulous as well.  The Nanaimo bars are hard to pronounce but super easy to eat.  These are three-layer bars of chocolate, butter, walnuts, coconut, cookie crumbs, and vanilla buttercream.  The Valhalla Triple Layer Brownies are second to none.  We also have gluten-free options. 

Part 2:  Sweets.  Our sweets section is comprised of divine chocolates, turtles, truffles, and ganache-infused deliciousness.  Chocolate-covered cranberries or sweetened dried cranberries are a delightful treat.

Part 3:  Snacks.  Whether you are looking for a snack to get you through the day, binge-watching the latest show, or looking to give a gift, popcorn fits the bill; there are numerous flavors and popcorn seasoning too.  We also have gourmet trail mix for the refined.