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The Great Outdoors Gift Box

Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates

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Kohler Chocolate has made the perfect outdoor gift box. Share this gift with the nature lover in your life; it's perfect for a hike, camping, or a nice family picnic. Gift box includes Kohler Chocolate Terrapins, Chocolate Bars, Terrapin trail mix, Mountain Toffee, Ganache, Chocolate and peanut butter bars, and chocolate chips. Yum!

Give the gift that keeps giving, or keep it for yourself, we aren't judging.

Gift Box Includes: 

Kohler Chocolate Buttery Terrapin- 9 Pieces
Kohler Chocolate Variety Ganache- 4 pieces
Kohler Chocolate Variety Brownie- 4 pieces
Kohler Chocolate Dark Mountain Toffee- 4 pieces
Kohler Chocolate Terrapin Trail Mix- 16 oz
Kohler Chocolate Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars -2
Kohler Chocolate Milk Chocolate Bars - 2
Kohler Chocolate Dark Chocolate Bars - 2
Kohler Chocolate Chips- 5 oz

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