Gourmet Sweet Cranberry Syrup - Two 12 oz. Bottles

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Gourmet Sweet Cranberry Syrup by Rubi Reds is a sweet cranberry syrup that tastes great on pancakes, french toast, ice cream, yogurt, or in a fruit smoothie.

Rubi Reds uses a proprietary processing technique to process their fruit that leaves 95 percent of the fruit pectin and over 50 percent of the natural acid and brix in the fruit. These products are not a by-product of juice and they use only pure sugar (un-inverted), ensuring that their products are of the highest quality. Care is consistent in the growing, harvesting, cleaning, and handling to the final step of processing. This provides you with the best possible product on the market. You will receive a set of two 12 oz. bottles.

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Two bottles - 12 oz. each

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