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Grumpy Goat Cheese 5 Pack

Nordic Creamery

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Award Winning
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Goat Cheese
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Nordic Creamery's Grumpy Goat Cheese 5 pack contains five 8 ounce packages of their award winning Grumpy Goat Cheese. This popular bold, semi-hard, but still creamy, goat cheese is cellar-aged for robust flavor. Aging brings out the full flavor of the goat milk and adds sharpness that will delight cheese lovers. Despite its' name, Grumpy Goat Cheese is very approachable and will be the perfect bold element on a charcuterie board or paired with sweet fruits and roasted vegetables.

Five 8 oz packages of Grumpy Goat Cheese

Nordic Creamery cheese is produced only using the highest quality milk from small family farms. The Nordic Creamery farmstead is located near Westby, Wisconsin, within the lush green hills and valleys in the Driftless Region.

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