New York Strip Steaks - 12 oz

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Ships Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only. Product is shipped frozen in dry ice and a styrofoam cooler.
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These New York Strip Steaks are thick and juicy, bursting with robust flavor. Is it any wonder steak-lovers consider the New York Strip Steak the 'King of Steaks'? Neesvig?s New York Strip Steaks are evenly marbled and incredibly juicy! Only choice loins are selected from the finest, grain-fed Midwestern steers. Each order consists of four 12-oz. New York Strip Steaks. A great grilling gift idea!

Your steaks are hand selected from the finest corn fed, Midwestern beef. Properly controlled wet aging assures natural tenderness and enhances the rich, hearty flavor of our steaks. Aged steak has a darker color than the red meat you may see at your grocery meat counter. This color change is the natural result of the aging and freezing process. Steak connoisseurs identify a fine cut of meat by its rich reddish-maroon color. Steaks are individually vacuum packaged. All products should be placed in the freezer immediately upon receipt. They may be stored in the freezer without any loss of flavor for 6 to 9 months.

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4 New York Strip Steaks - 12 oz. each (uncooked)
Individually vacuum packaged.
May freeze up to 6 to 9 months without any loss of flavor.
Pricing includes special packaging charges.

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