Pickled Polish Sausage and Bologna Sampler

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The Pickled Polish Sausage and Bologna Sampler by Bay View Packing includes your choice of pickled meat products in three PET plastic 8 oz jars. Enjoy Original Pickled Polish Sausage, Red Hot Pickled Polish Sausage or Pickled Bologna Bites. Choose your favorite or mix and match all flavors for your three-pack. Bay View Original Pickled Polish Sausages are made with the finest cuts of beef and pork for a perfect blend of flavor with a deep smoked coloring. A special blend of spices and brine enhance the flavor. Bay View Red Hot Pickled Polish Sausages (13 per jar) are made with beef, pork, red chili peppers and mustard seed to give these delicious sausages their biting flavor. No fillers, just Old World skill and tradition. Pickled Bologna Bites (approximately ten 1 oz bites per jar) are made with the finest cuts of pork and beef blended with spices to produce a mild, tasty flavor. These naturally low carb, high protein treats make a great snack. No refrigeration needed before or after opening. Best when eaten within 3-4 months. (Ingredients of each item listed below.)

Bay View Packing is a family-owned business specializing in pickled meats and delicacies. They are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their old-world pickling techniques and traditions have been passed down for over five generations. To learn more about Bay View Packing and to see their entire product assortment, please click here.


Pickled Polish Sausage Ingredients: beef heart meat, beef, pork, water, salt, corn syrup, spice, sodium phosphate, garlic, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite

Red Hot Polish Sausage Ingredients: beef heart meat, beef, pork, water, salt, corn syrup, spices, sodium phosphate, garlic, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.

Pickled Bologna Bites ingredients: pork, beef, water, salt, spices, sugar, paprika, garlic, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite

Each product is packed in a vinegar brine consisting of: water, white distilled vinegar, salt, FD&C red number 40, mustard seed, chili peppers, flavoring

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  • 5
    Tasty little niche

    Posted by Humbug on Dec 21st 2015

    Needed pickled sausage to complement pickled quail eggs, boiled peanuts, cheese, and beer: oh, how this hit the spot! Shied away from the bologna bites, but ordered and enjoyed the two heat levels of sausage.

  • 5
    An Old Favorite

    Posted by Jues0416 on Jun 6th 2015


  • 5
    Simply Outstanding!

    Posted by Jues0416 on Apr 5th 2015

    The pickled polish sausages made someone very happy today! So great you have these-I will be back. Many sincere thanks.

  • 5

    Posted by T Angie on Mar 14th 2015

    These are great! Save the juice and pickle some eggs!

  • 5

    Posted by Dan on Jan 7th 2015

    These are great. When I first ordered them I thought I was getting a 3 item sampler but I made a mistake and got all bologna bites. I called customer service and they sent me the Polish Sausage for free since I make the mistake. I could not believe their customer service. I will definitely order again.

  • 5
    I love these sausages...

    Posted by Julie P on Oct 18th 2014

    Seriously, ever since I moved away from Wisconsin I have been missing these spicy, vinegary devils. So good to have them again!

  • 5

    Posted by Arthur on Mar 12th 2014

    My dad loves these!

  • 5

    Posted by godzillaskitty on Sep 23rd 2012

    These are wonderful,I have been looking for pickled polish sausage for a while,these are great and without the heat,we both fell in Love with these next time ordering the large jars.

  • 5

    Posted by godzillaskitty on Sep 23rd 2012

    Arrived extremely well packed and with the great flavor of my childhood,I remember sitting on the porch and eating these with Dad as far back as I can remember and these did not disappoint,the taste of Childhood lives on.Been searching for a good brand of mild polish sausage and now have found it.Thank you

  • 5

    Posted by godzillaskitty on Sep 23rd 2012

    Perfect,as long as you make them I will buy them.Hard to find the ones that are not hot and still taste great.Thank you.Large Jars next time,and soon from the looks of things.

  • 4
    Very Happy.

    Posted by RaFravert on Feb 16th 2012

    I was very happy to find these online because I couldn't find them in any of the local stores. It good to taste these again.

  • 4

    Posted by Mike on Dec 13th 2011

    Please keep making the pickled polish sausage delicious.