Toffee Gift Box Sampler

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Ships Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; possibly Thursday to Wisconsin and Illinois destinations.

The Toffee Gift Box Sampler is an assortment of toffee and chocolates by Sweet P's Pantry. The sampler includes a box of Award Winning Cashew Almond Toffee with Milk Chocolate; three Toffee Bars - ButterCrunch, Honey Butter Pecan, and Sea Salt Dark Chocolate; and a bag of Pretzel Almond Toffee Crunch. The Toffee Gift Box Sampler is the perfect gift for Father's Day, Mother's Day, an anniversary or any occasion.

Cashew Almond Toffee with Milk Chocolate - This toffee is filled with roasted creamy Cashews and toasty Almonds, combined with Wisconsin butter and cane sugar, and topped with Belgian Milk Chocolate

Toffee Bar - Butter Crunch - Plain buttery crunchy toffee, enrobed in the creamiest Milk Chocolate.
Toffee Bar - Honey Butter Pecan - Wisconsin Honey enhances toasted Pecan laced buttery toffee topped with Dark Chocolate and more pecans.
Toffee Bar - Sea Salt Dark Chocolate - Buttery, crunchy, mouthwatering Toffee coated in premium Dark Chocolate and dusted with Sea Salt.

Pretzel Almond Toffee Crunch - Buttery toffee and all-natural salty pretzels and almonds.

White Gift Box adorned with seasonal colored ribbons
Cashew Almond Toffee - 6 oz. box
Butter Crunch Toffee Bar - 1
Honey Butter Pecan Toffee Bar - 1
Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Toffee Bar - 1
Pretzel Almond Toffee Crunch - 4 oz. bag
Shelf life - 2 months; may be frozen.
Packed in Kraft box with bubble wrap.